Although 192.168.o.4 is the default IP address for many routers, this does not mean that you can’t change this IP. In fact, you can also assign 192.168.o.4 as the IP to any router that comes with some other default IP.

This article will attempt to explain to the readers the procedure of configuring a router so that its IP address becomes 192.168.o.4. We will take the D-Link WBR-2310 router as our example. Most probably, the default settings of this router will not be using 192.168.o.4 IP. The default address that D-Link routers use is, and the default subnet mask is The first step you need to take is to connect the computer to port RJ-45. Now, go to the desktop (assuming you are using Windows operating system) and click on the Start button. Click on the Control Panel button and find the Network and Internet option. The Network Controller option is where you have to go from here. In the Local Area Connection, choose the Properties option. You will see a dialog box containing several options. Find Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from this list of option. Now, you have to change the IP address from the default set to 192.168.o.4. The subnet mask entry remains at Now, open up a web browser program such Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

In the address bar of the web browser, type in the default IP address of the router (remember that you have not yet changes the IP address, so the default address remains applicable). In our case, the default IP is, so we key in the same and hit Enter. Now, you will be prompted to enter the login details to access the configuration panel. D-link routers generally come with a default username of ‘admin’ (without the quotes) and a blank password (means you do not have to enter anything in the password field). Click on Log in and you will have access to the configuration panel. Click on the Manual Configure option and check mark the Enable Access Point Mode option. Here, select Wireless Setting option and write the name of the wireless network. Now, click on Save Settings and you will have successfully changed the IP address to 192.168.o.4.

Since it belongs to the IP range of –, the IP address of 192.168.o.4 qualifies as a private IP, which means that it does not stand valid across the Internet, but serves its purpose in private networks. So, two devices in a single private network can’t use 192.168.o.4 as their IP address, as it will result in addressing conflicts. However, there will not be any networking trouble if your neighboring office’s network also uses a router that has 192.168.o.4 IP. Networking trainees can make use of all the information provided in this article to find their way when they deal with 192.168.o.4.